Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Screening Log (Grades)

The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke, 09) B [2nd screening; Sept 2009: A-]
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson, 09) B
Broken Embraces (Pedro Almodovar, 09) C
The Lovely Bones (Peter Jackson, 09) F
It's Complicated (Nancy Meyers, 09) C+
Crazy Heart (Scott Cooper, 09) C
Nine (Rob Marshall, 09) C+
The Hangover (Todd Phillips, 09) C
A Single Man (Tom Ford, 09) C
Up in the Air
(Jason Reitman, 09) C-
Avatar (James Cameron, 09) B-
The Young Victoria (Jean-Marc Vallée, 09) C+
The Princess and the Frog (Ron Clements, John Musker, 09) C+
Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" By Sapphire
(Daniels, 09) B
Amelia (Nair, 09) C-/D+
Good Hair (Stilson, 09) C-
This is It (Ortega, 09) C
Where the Wild Things Are (Jonze, 09) B
Summer Hours (Olivier Assayas, 08) B
The September Issue (R. J. Cutler, 09) B-
Cairo Time (Ruba Nadda, 09) B
Paranormal Activity (Oren Peli, 07) C+
A Serious Man (Joel and Ethan Coen, 09) C
Bright Star (Jane Campion, 09) B
W. (Oliver Stone, 08) C+