Friday, December 19, 2008

Re: Synecdoche

To think I almost banished this to the "wait for video" list. As Miranda Priestly would say, "Thank God somebody came to work today."

And I would thank Charlie Kaufman too, for this absolutely bewildering, difficult, hysterical, and frankly painful film about the end of life (not just main character Caden's, but the entire human race). It scared the hell out me, even when I was laughing despite my grimaces and sharp inhales of breath, two hands over my mouth.

I wonder if Kaufman has read the work of George Saunders, because this is exactly how an adaptation of that writer's work would play out. It also reminded me of Margaret Lawrence's The Stone Angel, another demanding and taxing work about the slow degradation and breakdown of the human body. For the first time (in a long time), I'm tempted to write about this one in greater detail. Stay tuned.

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