Monday, February 26, 2007

Best. Oscars. Evar.

More to come tomorrow afternoon.


adam k. said...

I agree.

If Children of Men had won cinematography, it would've been just about perfect.

Jose said...

Marty finally won, Babel lost almost everything, Arkin got it, Ellen was hilarious...even the montages where kinda fun to watch!
And Gwyneth looked incredible, what more could a boy ask for?

Ali said...

The Lubezki snub was evil. Babel for score (?!) of all things was just plain weird. The Arkin upset was a shocker (although it shouldn't be.) Gwyneth was indeed one of the best dressed. But all that later today.

Nick Davis said...

Ali, agreed with all these comments, especially about Cinematography and Score (though I'm docking a point for Gwyneth's rigid sheet of hair), but I also thought this was a terrific, terrific Oscar telecast.

Ali said...

Glad to hear it. All I'm getting today from other people is disappointment and criticism. Did I watch the same show? I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much every second (aside from the Michael Mann-edited montage.)