Saturday, September 02, 2006

*Insert Sad Icon Here*

I just learned that the random draw has dictated that my envolope of festival selections will be processed after thirty-nine boxes of orders have had priority. I'm likely getting 2 or 3 of my selections, if I'm lucky. I'll be in mourning if anyone needs me.


jesse said...

Toronto sounds nuts--my experience at the London Film Festival was a breeze compared to all this.

Still, we'll hope for the best regarding your selections.

Ali said...

I'm trying to remain positive like you advised, but I've been worrying/down all day. And realistically speaking, I need to prepare myself for missing out on the big-buzz stuff.

I mean, last year I was in a pretty good box numerically, and I still was kicked out of Brokeback Mountain, Water and Cache. I only got to see the first two because I lined up in the rush queue, like, four hours early.

The box office staff said they would e-mail us tomorrow about what the conflicts/omissions are, so I'll hopefully know tomorrow.

JavierAG said...

Ali, that's absolutely, utterly awful! (I'd be crying, probably).

However, if you get into "The Fountain", it will more than make up for everything you might miss.