Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blahed Out

Totally worn down, having sustained myself on less than five hours of sleep for the past three days. I need a break from the movies and the blogging. New grades are to the right, and since I have only one screening tomorrow (school starts also on top of this all - fun!), I'll write my slapdash reviews later. This morning, I decided to trade in Suburban Mayhem for the crowdpleaser Confetti by British director Debbie Isitt, which was obviously a smart move. A woman ahead of me in the lineup for Volver yesterday told me that it was a real treat, and I figured I would rather enjoy myself than sit through something dark and mind-numbing. Make sure you see this film when it opens later this year (Fox Searchlight is behind distribution, so even if it gets a limited theatrical release, a DVD release is guarenteed.) I was in hysterics throughout.

The rest of the day was strong as well; Pan's Labyrinth was arresting, although not as satisfying as del Toro's The Devil's Backbone or even Hellboy. Jafar Panahi's Offside was terrific, although two women next to me talked through the whole thing. Audience members around us shot them dirty looks all the time, but they would continue their obnoxious banter within a minute or two. I think one was acting as a translator (because her friend could not understand Farsi, nor read the English subtitles all that well.) I understand the situation, but you really shouldn't be attending a film that you will need explained to you, line by line. That's what DVD is for, so you can pause, rewind and make all the noise you want.

I will be lying down if anyone needs me.

EDIT: Oh, btw, browsing in Chapters in between screenings, I saw Tom Perrotta's Little Children on sale for 7 bucks (steal!). Forward several hours later: I am completely hooked and already more than halfway through. For those who haven't picked it up already, it's a quick read if you are willing to forego the film's surprises. I can already tell that this is going to make one fantastic cinematic experience. Winslet and Wilson are perfectly cast.


Jose said...

Sweet dreams!

Ali said...

Well, no dreams, but I did enjoy being able to have a stretch of zzz's that lasted more than three hours. Thanks!