Sunday, August 27, 2006

Please do some research next time around.

I was watching the NBC pre-show to the Emmys award ceremony (of which I will almost certainly not compose a post-mortem of tomorrow), and one of the hosts - Maria Menounos from "Access Hollywood" - did something so incredibly lame and idiotic that I didn't know whether to repeatedly beat my head on the wall to make myself pass out or, or... write a strongly-worded letter. Maria was interviewing both Warren Beatty and Annette Bening on the Red Carpet, and was making the usual fashion/show chitchat. And then - AND THEN - Maria said the following (or something very similar) to Annette: "So Annette, you've got an Oscar at home, are you looking forward to putting an Emmy next to it tonight?". Annette looked taken aback, took a few seconds to compose herself, and then responded gamely, "Well, he's got his Oscar at home." Maria seemed to realize that something was amiss, and then resorted to the "How much do you love her" shtick with Beatty. Annette did not look pleased (who would?), but she really was a good sport about it all (and saved the girl's ass.) Maria had better hope Running with Scissors nets Ms. Bening the Golden Guy this year, or she's never going to get back in the starlet's good graces.


JavierAG said...

Oh God! What an idiot!

I didn't watch the entire ceremony; it's a pretty lame show, and none of the people I was rooting for won (Burstyn, Conroy, Kudrow). Meh.

PS: Helen Mirren will win the Oscar! Or at least, she'll be right up there with Kate ;)

Ali said...

You were honestly hoping that Burstyn would win for her 14 second part?

I'd be fine with any of the women mentioned winning Best Actress this year. All of them are majorly owed.

JavierAG said...

"You were honestly hoping that Burstyn would win for her 14 second part?"

Course I was. It's a far more important performance than whatever else was nominated. And I'm only half-kidding ;)

Jose said...

At least there was no mention of Hilary Skank, otherwise I'm sure Annette would've smashed that woman's head with her bare hands.