Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why don't you just kill me?

So, um, my hard drive is experiencing breakdown. I turned on my computer earlier today to the sound of bizzare clicks and beeps, followed by a blinking blue screen. I think it very significant to add that my computer is less than six months old. Let me state that again - brand new HP computer with 200 gigs. Why don't you read those last two sentences again to get an idea of my lack of understanding on this picture? I swear to God, there is no trusting technology anymore - it just decides to fuck you over at the worst possible moment. Proof? I have five papers to write over the next two weeks, and this is the time my computer decides to say "I'm going to commit suicide now, sorry for any inconvenience you may experience". Thank God I was able to back-up all my music, files, movie reviews and lecture notes before it totally conked out. Kaput. I would be slitting my wrists right now if I had lost all that - my computer had everything on it (let this be a lesson to me to back up everything constantly). Still, it's a major inconvenience because I have to keep switching CDs to access my essay work and notes for writing.

The piece of shit is thankfully under warranty, but they'll have to send it away. For three weeks. I'm seething right now, and family members are staying far out of my way. I'm already hostile enough during essay/exam time, but this has just set me over the edge.

I'm now writing this post on my mom's laptop, which is acceptable enough, but lacks all the speediness of my earlier workstation.

Lesson? Technology is very enticing and lures you with the promise of stability and good times, but secretly plans to destroy your life when you are most vulernable. I urge you all to take a closer look at your computers, tvs, DVD players, MP3 devices that you love so much... don't trust them. They are planning to break down on you any moment now.



get a Mac. It's always the solution.

Ali said...

I've been suspicious of Macs for years, but after my bad luck with everything else, I'm going to take your advice when I (will invariably have to) buy a computer in the next few years.

nick said...

Technology frightens me, and I am completely obtuse when handling it. I cannot even trust myself with a laptop.

An iPod is the only technological advancement that I have taken advantage of.

Nick M. said...

God help me, I started a damn blog.

I blame you.

Jesse said...

Hey, just making sure that you got my message yesterday... I was having some problems with the internet connection, so just in case it didn't get through for some reason...

I echo the Mac suggestion. I've always seemed to have 1/10 of the problems my PC friends do.